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The Mwezi Foundation

Posted by | July 16, 2014 | News | No Comments

By: Mike Sherry.

The orphans in Likoni

The orphans in Likoni

After the sales training in Likoni, Paul, Mike, Teddy, Jack, Elizabeth and I visited an orphanage for children whose parents had died of HIV.  The children, mostly girls between six months and 17, live in an abandoned building some 100m from the Likoni workshop. They have two rooms to live in and one room serves as a kitchen, they have no electricity and one kerosene lamp that costs them 3,600 KES (£25) per month to fuel.

The orphanage is supported by a local church group but they have limited resources.  The Mwezi Foundation donated two home solar systems to the orphanage and we all mucked in to install the two systems while we there.
Now the older children can do their homework while the younger children sleep – a simple, cost effective and immediate solution.

Orphanage in Likoni

One of the young girls stands outside the main entrance to the orphanage

Paul managed to get the children to sing to us while we worked – watch out for the YouTube clip. He then performed a rather amazing solo – which stunned us and the children.

The Foundation is in its very early stages and we will be making more announcements shortly.  The next step is to finalise the objects, appoint new directors and register The Foundation as a charity with the Charities Commission.  We will also be asking you to get involved if you wish.

The room used as a kitchen in the orphanage

The room used as a kitchen in the orphanage