Our mission is to provide products that improve the health, wealth, education and environmental impact of the poorest people in the world in a sustainable and scalable way using market-based solutions.

There are 580 million Africans in Sub-Saharan Africa that have no access to electricity. Instead, they use kerosene – the poorest African households spend between 10 and 25% of their monthly household budgets on it.  Kerosene is widely used as a lighting fuel across the world, expensive and dangerous; it has serious consequences for the users’ health and a significant negative environmental impact.  We want to change this – and much more besides.

There are 4.2million off-grid households in Kenya that use kerosene lamps as their primary light source. The solar market in Africa is set to achieve exceptional growth; conservative forecasts suggest annual sales growth of 45-50% growth.

Our first product is the Mwezi Light.  The British designed solar light is modular, so it can be easily assembled and serviced by unskilled workers, creating formal jobs and skills within local communities in a scalable and sustainable way.

In addition, we sell high quality solar powered products from the best manufacturers in the world. These products are all Lighting Africa accredited. We use sell products that utilises embedded technology developed by Angaza Designs.  This technology allows us to offer products to our customers on credit, allowing regular affordable payments.  This technology is often referred to as EASY-PAY or Pay As You Go (PAYG).  The combination of high quality products and PAYG technology gives our customers choice and access to the energy ladder at different cost access points.

The technology and products continue to develop to meet the needs of under-served communities and we are continually reviewing our products to ensure they are best value to our customers.