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Habari – progress and challenges !

Posted by | December 12, 2013 | News | No Comments
By: Mike Sherry.

Jambo, Habari yako.

Over the last few months we have made real progress and we will be operating early 2014! So here’s a brief news (habari) update of my visit to Nairobi.

I travelled to Nairobi at the end of October for a week to complete some of the legal work required to open the branch and the bank account.  I also want to host a local investors roadshow, complete the container conversion specification with the local company doing the work, plan and implement a community based test for some solar products we have sourced and discuss the implementation plan with Jack and Teddy (more about them later).

A branch of Mwezi has been registered in Kenya and we now have the registration certificate – second attempt – first one hand a spelling mistake – Wale vs Wales!  The certificate and registration allows us to trade legally, open a bank account, register for VAT & tax and importantly set up our mobile money transfer account.  The bank account, with Barclays Kenya,  should be opened in the next few weeks.

The investors roadshows were really interesting. I had five meetings in all, none of the invitees had been told much detail in advance. This was the first time they had seen the Mwezi Light (I took a working prototype) and heard about network plans. There were a few common threads between each meeting.  Without exception everyone we met loved the Mwezi light – especially the British design and the build quality, its price and the fact it was modular for ease of servicing.  The network of workshops was also universally seen as a real benefit and an opportunity to build trust in the local community.  Generally, the Kenyans wanted either a workshop in their home towns or to purchase products for distribution or own a Mwezi franchise. At the moment are focused on delivering the first workshop, starting to trade and demonstrating that the concept works. I am pleased to say we did secure investment in Kenya.

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All the best and many thanks for your support.

Asanteni sana, salama