We provide products that improve the health, wealth, education and environmental impact of the poorest people in the world in a sustainable and scalable way using market-based solutions.

We do this with our established network of community based workshops that assemble, sell, distribute and provide after-sales services for our products.

We move some of the value chain into the communities that use our products and services, create jobs and share skills. We make a profit so we can expand our network, provide an appropriate financial return to our shareholders and remain financially sustainable.



The Mwezi network



The Network provides

Jobs, useful skills and after sales support for the poorest people in the local area


The Network

The Network comprises branded shops


The Network sustains

Customer support, product assembly, product service repairs, products display and demonstration and function as a shop and showroom


The Network employs

Community Field Officer (CFO) (Manager, demonstrator and selling)  Solar PV Technician (assembly, support and repair) Field Sales Agents (FSAs) (Demonstrate products to more remote areas)